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How I Review Books

Book ReviewsWriting is art, and when I find a book that’s both entertaining and well written, I want to tell the world.

This blog is going to be dedicated to fantasy book reviews of fairy tale retellings and other fantasy books similar in scope. While there will be some traditional book reviews, I’m going to be focusing largely on individual story elements and pieces of books that are incredible pieces of art.

For example, if I find a hero from a hero’s journey that rises and changes, touching me in the process, I’m going to sing his (or her) praise. If the plot line delights with unusual twists and turns, I’m going to share it with others (while avoiding spoilers, I promise). Even an unusual villain will catch my eye.

As a student of the craft itself, I’m always asking myself what exactly makes me devour my favorite books? Sometimes, admittedly, the dialogue is lacking, and the research wasn’t done very well. What can keep me reading however, is exceptional character building or an intriguing plot.

My goal is to help other readers discover works of art that they can love because I love to find new books. If you’re interested in getting a heads-up when I post new reviews or when I update my own books’ progress, please subscribe to my newsletter for free. I promise not to spam you (I have a baby that doesn’t nap unless we’re walking…I don’t have time to send unnecessary emails!) If you want, you can unsubscribe at any time. I hope you don’t though, as I’ll be providing free reading material for my subscribers that no one else can see!

When I review a book, I never intend to tear an author down to be cruel. I’ll be the first to admit that writing is hard work! The purpose of this blog will be to lift up the good so others can see true masters of the craft. I hope you join me on my adventure. If you have a recommendation, additional comments, or even disagree with me, feel free to contact me or comment on the post itself. I love to hear what others think!

If you’re an author looking for a review, please check out these guidelines:

  • I currently only review for my genre, which is fantasy, particularly fairy tale retellings and similar original works. I don’t currently do paranormal, post-apocalyptic, horror, or much urban fantasy. (Urban fantasy depends on the individual work.)
  • I absolutely don’t do erotica or works with blatant sexual content.
  • I will do my best to respond, read, and review quickly, but if I’m swamped, don’t worry that I’ve forgotten you. Life with a nap-less baby is simply time-consuming, so things might get pushed back just a little.