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Blinding Beauty – A Preview

Hey, everyone!

I’m excited to share with you my next book to be published in The Becoming Beauty Trilogy, Blinding Beauty! My designer finished the front cover this week, and I’m just dying to share it.


My designer’s awesome, right?!

This book will be the second in The Becoming Beauty Trilogy, as well as the second book in the Classical Kingdoms Collection. Blinding Beauty continues Isa and Everard’s stories, picking right up after Before Beauty’s ending. If you’re hungering for another retelling, read on!


Beauty might have married the Beast, but vows never promised anyone a simple life, least of all the king and queen of Destin.
It has been only four months since their wedding, but Ever and Isa are already being torn apart. Duty to the kingdom keeps Ever occupied, while Isa struggles to master the Fortress’s mysterious fire. So when the young couple is invited to an ally’s betrothal ceremony, they go in hopes of enjoying the honeymoon they never had. Upon arrival, however, something is sorely amiss. A glass hill, an ancient enchanter, and the mysterious tribute paid to Isa’s younger brother, Launce, quickly dash their hopes of rest, and it’s not long before Ever and Isa must fight to protect the Fortress, their neighbors, and even the very love that binds them.
Blinding Beauty, the second book in the Becoming Beauty Trilogy, is a retelling of Cinderlad and the Glass Hill. It is also the second book in the Classical Kingdoms Collection, a series of fairy tales that brings readers to the long lost world of magic and destiny. Rediscover the fairy tales that taught you to wonder as a child.
If you’re interested in following along as I post my rough draft, you can find my rough draft on I’ll also try to post the rough draft chapters on my site here as well. (Although I must warn you, the app I use to post to my website is more than a bit finicky. If you can’t find my chapters when they should be appearing, check out Wattpad instead. I might be having technical difficulties.) I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. My readers really helped me smooth out my last story, Girl in the Red Hood. I hope to start posting regularly by the beginning of March 2016, but you might find me cheating a bit now and then in February. 😉
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