Silent Mermaid: A Retelling of the Little Mermaid

Silent Mermaid: A Retelling of the Little Mermaid
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Series: Classical Kingdoms Collection, Book 5
Genres: Clean Romance, Fairy Tale Retelling, Fantasy, Romance
Tags: Clean, Fairy Tale, Little Mermaid, Mermaid, Princess, Retelling, Romance, Sea, True Love
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781543142808
How does a silent mermaid win a war of song? How does she break the siren song of another that holds her love captive?
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About the Book

How does a silent mermaid win a war of song? How does she break the siren song of another holding her beloved captive?

After being touched by the sun at birth, Princess Arianna has grown up imprisoned between two worlds, neither fully mermaid nor fully human. Her life is one of solitude and dreams. But when she loses her family and her kingdom in a war between man and merfolk, she is forced to flee into the arms of the very people who want nothing to do with her kind. Her only hope of protection lies in the penniless prince she once saved and his two boisterous nieces.

Prince Michael is at his wit’s end. After the great maritime war, he must clean up the pieces of neglect, folly, and evil that his grandfather has left behind. With his people starving and his treasury nearly empty, the familiar girl from the past that falls piteously at his feet cannot be afforded his attention. He has only the resources and time for the barest of good deeds to pay back that which she gave him. But the more Michael begins to hear the girl beneath her silence, the more he realizes she just might be the distraction he cannot survive without.

All the while, a darkness is beginning to poison the ocean, and an evil foreseen by neither Arianna nor Michael threatens the very existence of both peoples. If they wish to restore their kingdoms, Arianna and Michael will need to reassess their alliances, their beliefs, and an ancient prophecy that’s been all but forgotten. Most importantly, however, they will need to decide whether or not they can move past their personal pain and trust one another. Because if they can’t, everything and everyone they love will fall.

Buy Silent Mermaid to escape into the world of the Classical Kingdoms Collection, a set of fairy tale retellings for grownups who still believe in sacrifice, true love, and the magic of happily-ever-afters. Silent Mermaid is fifth in the Classical Kingdoms Collection but can be read as a stand-alone book.

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