The Before Beauty Soundtrack

Music is powerful. It has the power to change our moods and mindsets, and I use this to my advantage. For every story I write, even short stories, I create a soundtrack that’s specific to that book. I search for songs that remind me of the struggles the characters are going through, their tragedies, longings, hopes, dreams, and victories are all included in these soundtracks.

I suppose in the same way reading moves us to different times and places, writing does the same for me. The music only makes it better. I find it incredible how the stress of the world can be weighing on my shoulders, but as soon as I turn on that soundtrack, I’m transported to my characters’ world. And as you read these books, I hope that’s what happens to you, too.

I’ve been having trouble with the music playing in the playlist generated above, so if you want, you can watch the playlist on Youtube as well. Just as a disclaimer, I’m not responsible for the images and content of the videos below. I included the videos solely for listening purposes, so if you’re letting someone younger watch it, you might want to check the videos’ content for yourself first.

*Disclaimer: I’m not being compensated in any way for promoting these songs. I merely wanted to share the songs that made this story come alive for me.

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